Add & Remove Slides

This guide will show you how to pick up slide changes whether you're adding or removing slides. Embla Carousel has no internal mechanism for picking up any changes in slides. This has to be done manually, and we're going use the following methods to achieve this:

With vanilla JavaScript

If you intend to add new slides to your carousel, you'll have to reset Embla Carousel after you've injected the slides into the carousel container. The following example is a simple function demonstrating this:

const addSlides = (embla, slidesToAdd) => {
  slidesToAdd.forEach((s) => embla.containerNode().appendChild(s))

In the example above, the reInit method will do a hard reset and pick up the new slides. Similarly, if you're removing slides, you should also reinitialize Embla Carousel afterwards:

const removeSlides = (embla, slidesToRemove) => {
  slidesToRemove.forEach((s) => embla.containerNode().removeChild(s))

With React

React users can make use of the useEffect hook to pick up changes in slides. A common setup would be to pass your slides to your carousel component using its props. The following setup will reset the carousel after slides have been added or removed:

import React, { useEffect } from 'react'
import useEmblaCarousel from 'embla-carousel-react'

export const EmblaCarousel = ({ slides }) => {
  const [emblaRef, emblaApi] = useEmblaCarousel()

  useEffect(() => {
    if (emblaApi) emblaApi.reInit()
  }, [emblaApi, slides])
  return (
    <div className="embla" ref={emblaRef}>
      <div className="embla__container">
        {, index) => (
          <div className="embla__slide" key={index}>{slide}</div>
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