Embla Carousel exposes custom events that can be hooked on to. Listening to events allows for extending the carousel.


Runs when the carousel mounts for the first time. This only fires once which means that it won't fire when the carousel is re-initialized using the reInit method.


Runs when the reInit method is called. When the window is resized, Embla Carousel automatically calls the reInit method which will also fire this event.


Runs when the carousel has been destroyed using the destroy method. This only fires once and will be the last event the carousel fires.


Runs when the selected scroll snap changes. The select event is triggered by drag interactions or the scrollNext, scrollPrev or scrollTo methods.


Runs when the carousel is scrolling. It might be a good idea to throttle this if you're doing expensive stuff in your callback function.


Runs when the carousel has settled after scroll has been triggered. Please note that this can take longer than you think when dragFree is enabled or when using slow transition speeds.


Runs when the carousel has resized triggered by the window resize event. Embla Carousel uses a debounced resize handler in order to prevent this event from firing many times. This event will call the reInit method internally.


Runs when the user has a pointer down on the carousel. It's triggered by a touchstart or a mousedown event.


Runs when the user has released the pointer from the carousel. It's triggered by a touchend or a mouseup event.

Adding an event listener

Start by initializing a carousel and storing the carousel instance in a variable. In the example below we'll call the carousel instance embla:

import EmblaCarousel from 'embla-carousel'

const options = { loop: false }
const embla = EmblaCarousel(emblaNode, options)

Now we're ready to listen for any available event like demonstrated below:

const onSelect = (eventName) => {
  console.log(`Embla just triggered ${eventName}!`)

embla.on('select', onSelect) // Add event listener

Removing an event listener

When we want to remove an event listener, we'll have to call the off method and make sure to pass the same callback reference like so:'select', onSelect) // Remove event listener

If you don't remove an event listener manually, it will be removed when the carousel is destroyed.

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