The Embla Carousel constructor accepts an optional plugin array as the thrid argument, which enables you to extend your carousels with additional features.

Adding a plugin

Here's a basic example of how to make use of it:

import EmblaCarousel from 'embla-carousel'
import Autoplay from 'embla-carousel-autoplay'

const options = { loop: true }
const plugins = [Autoplay()] // Plugins

const embla = EmblaCarousel(emblaNode, options, plugins) // Add plugins

You can find a complete list of plugins here.


Plugins have their own specific options that allows for configuring the plugin to your liking. Here's how to make use of it:

const autoplayOptions = { delay: 2000 }
const autoplay = Autoplay(autoplayOptions)


Additionally, some plugins expose their own API methods. You can make use of these by storing the plugin instance in a variable before passing it to the Embla Carousel initialiser:

const autoplay = Autoplay({ delay: 2000 })
const embla = EmblaCarousel(emblaNode, options, [autoplay]) // Call plugin method

Read more about how to customize your plugin by picking a plugin from this list.

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